This product is made up of several tools, available as a series of subcommands of dns-tools. The tools can be used to manage your DNS services in general but are particularly useful in data center and cloud migrations. Included are the following six tools; validator, impact, resolver, migrate, ptr and hosts. The tools are highly flexible and composable allowing you to easily automate your DNS needs.

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Simplify the migration to and from various DNS cloud service providers.

  • Quickly migrate from a local BIND server to several cloud providers
  • Migrate to and from the largest service providers, including: AWS Route53, GoDaddy, dnsimple, Rackspace and Dynect.
  • See it in action here!
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Impact Assessment

This tool will determine what DNS records will impacted with a migration, based on given IP addresses.

  • Human readable output, JSON or spreadsheet
  • Easily grep-able - easy to script and incorporate into automation pipelines.
  • Integrates with Tidal Migrations for cloud migration projects
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A tool to resolve FQDNs, IPs (PTR queries), or any resource record, against a DNS server.

  • Capture your entire configuration from a client's perspective
  • Test configuration of a new DNS service before a DNS migration
  • Improve security - add to cron to measure configuration drift and track changes with any DNS provider
  • Quickly resolve entire zonefiles or a list of records
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This tool will validate DNS zonefiles as defined by RFC 1035 section 5 and RFC 1034 section 3.6.1.

  • RFC compliant
  • Ensures compatibility between DNS vendors
  • You'll be surprised (or not!) at the issues you uncover
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Easily do PTR requests across multiple addresses

  • Quickly do reverse lookups for entire subnets
  • Store the report in either a TSV or JSON format
  • Validate that any FQDN found during the PTR resolves to the IP address (full circle)
  • A must have tool for datacenter and cloud migrations
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Reign in the madness: parse and analyze hosts files in bulk

  • Quickly parse thousands of hosts files
  • Sort and group your hosts files by FQDN or server
  • Filter your hosts file by IP address or by FQDN
  • Address the complexity of hosts files before you attempt to migrate to the cloud
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