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Your Business Depends On DNS

Whether you publish a website or operate a high-frequency trading platform, your business depends on the resiliency of your DNS infrastructure, and its configuration.

Rapidly assess your DNS server’s configuration and zone data with dns-tools.

  • Validate your DNS configuration
  • Measure DNS configuration drift
  • Perform impact assessments for cloud migration projects
  • Powerful and easy-to-use CLI tool
  • Installs on: Windows, OSX and Linux

Migrate Your DNS Server
To The Cloud

  • Migrate DNS from one provider to another
  • Perform impact assessments for cloud migration projects
  • Migrate to AWS Route53, Azure DNS*
  • Migrate from BIND, Windows DNS, GoDaddy, DNSimple and more!
  • Integrates with leading cloud readiness assessment tools
A computer running DNS Tools

Easily validate your existing DNS server

A Macbook screen running DNS Tools
  • Ensures your zonefiles are standard compliant with RFC 1035 and RFC 1034
  • Find any outdated or not support record types
  • Parses BIND, Microsoft DNS and even /etc/hosts!
  • Capture DNS configuration to JSON for better programmability
  • Easily track configuration drift by comparing JSON in git
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